Do I need to pay for Gem Space?

Gem Space is free to use. 

We will let you know if something changes.

What is Gem Space? 

Gem Space is an app. It was created to work and solve any everyday tasks: viewing content, communicating, studying and earning. Unlimited entertainment and business opportunities in one place.

How can I access Gem Space?

You can use it through the mobile applications (Android & iOS) and web-client

You can download Gem Space from applications markets available on your device. 

You can access its web-version on https://web.gemspace.com/ 

How do I register in Gem Space?

Your Gem Space account is linked to your phone number which you use during the registration process .

We will use your phone number for sending Gem Space related messages: how to restore your account, verification codes, updates, etc.

Other users are not able to see your phone number even though they found you by nickname, unless those users are granted permission.

Can I invite my friends to Gem Space?

Yes, you can and you should! 

After you synchronize your Contacts with Gem Space you will see who is a user of Gem Space and who is not. 

You can invite non-users using several options.

The first option — by Gem Space interface: the contact who is not a Gem Space user will have an “invite” button next to him or other button with similar function. 

The invitees will receive the message with a link to Gem Space application in App Store & Google Play. 

Note, that the users will be charged the standard fee for outgoing SMS by mobile carrier. IMessages are covered with your Internet traffic. 

The second option is to use the “Share” button in your account settings and follow the instructions on your device. Afterwards, we will generate a link that you are able to share by the service of a choice. 

The third option is to send your friends a link to download Gem Space messenger using another messaging service.

Do you sell my personal data?


How do you protect my data? 

We are very cautious about the security of your data. When we use your data we protect it and maintain the privacy of the person who it belongs to. 

We protect your data, your rights in respect to the data and do everything to make you feel safe when communicating with your friends using Gem Space.

We use such measures as server-side encryption of your data, including your communications, under the Advanced Encryption Standard. This means that no one but an authorized user, e.g. chat participants, administrator of the group etc., can access  your data and messages. If anyone steals the servers with the data they cannot read your data because it will be encrypted.

You can be sure that your data is in good hands.

How do I know which data you use?

We process only the data you submit to us. We store and use your data for the purpose of providing you with quality Gem Space service.

Such data covers information which you provide during registration, data about calls and messages you make via the service, use of Market Space and other services linked to Gem Space which you use, data about your device from which you access the service among other data.

You can learn more in Privacy Policy.

Do you provide my personal data to third parties?

No, unless you allow us to do so. 

You can learn more about this by addressing Privacy Policy.

Whom can I communicate with via Gem Space?

You can communicate with everyone from your telephone book and who is a user of Gem Space. 

You can start communicating with your friends who are users of the Gem Space straight after the registration is done. For others, you can invite them to join Gem Space using the button in Gem Space interface. In this case invitees will receive a message with a link.

How do I delete my account?

You can delete your account by sending a request to our support team using the email 


Can other users see my phone number?

No, unless the user is from your Contacts.

Other users can only see your nickname which you chose in your account settings and a profile picture.

What happens if I delete my account?

If you delete your account we will clear your data and your communication. This means that you cannot restore it and will have to register as a new user again.

The copies of your communications will be still available to your friends to whom you send them. 

Note that we cannot delete some of your data if laws require us to do so. You can learn more about it in Privacy Policy.

What is a nickname for?

When registering with Gem Space, we ask you to create your nickname. This is done to allow you to communicate with other Gem Space users who you might be interested in with respect to your privacy and data.

After the registration is complete - the nickname will be available to the public. This means that other users can find you using the search bar in Gem Space interface and communicate with you.

Users who are not from your telephone contact list can only see your nickname and profile picture. Your telephone number will not be available to them.

Can I delete my message?


If you sent the message and feel that you made a mistake (oooops!) you can delete it by choosing the message and pressing the “delete” button from the list of suggested options. 

In this case, you can be sure that the message will be deleted from our servers with no possibility to restore it.

My account was blocked. How to restore it?

Blocking the account is the most harsh measure we can apply against a user for doing something bad via Gem Space.  

“Bad” means that you did something illegal, inappropriate, infringed other users’ rights, or otherwise violated documents governing Gem Space service.

This means that we blocked your account for a reason.

If you disagree with us, please write us an email support@gemspace.com

How can I log-out?

We keep you logged-in all the time so that you can continuously enjoy using Gem Space with no interruptions. Usually you do not need to log-out from Gem Space. 

However if you want to do this for any reason you can log-out in your account settings. 

To log-in Gem Space again, it will ask you to enter your telephone number and send you a verification code using the number. You will be logged-in after submitting the correct verification code in the Gem Space interface. Your communication history will not be removed.

How can I know that my contact uses Gem Space?

After synchronizing your telephone book with the service you can see who is a user of Gem Space and who is not. 

The users of Gem Space will be shown on the top of your contact list before creating a chat or a public. Other contacts which are not the users will have an “invite” button next to the contact name.

Can I change my nickname?

Yes. You can change it on account settings.

How can I prohibit users from communicating to me?

You can prohibit users from communicating with you by adding them to a block list. 

You can see the list with blocked users on your profile settings.

Do you comply with GDPR?

Yes. We fully comply with the obligations in respect to your data under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) which came into force in Europe on May 25, 2018. 

You can enjoy your rights under the GDPR, get to know about protection mechanisms we use and learn more about your privacy in Gem Space by addressing Privacy Policy

What if I change my telephone number?

Unfortunately, as your phone number is connected to your account, the possible solution is to open/create a new account. However, your content, messaging history etc will not be synchronized with the new one.

What do the checks on the message mean?

As in most messaging services we use checks to show the status of your communications in Gem Space. 

If the message you send has no check to it, this means that it was not delivered to your addressee. We will notify you on the status of the message in the chat/public page. 

One check means that the message was sent to the contact. Two checks means that your friend read the message.

Somebody stole my account. What should I do?

Every Gem Space account is personal to every user and is linked to his/her telephone number. It cannot be shared or transferred to someone else. And you are the only one to have confidential access details, e.g. verification codes which we send you in order to log-in to your account.

Unless you lost your device or someone else started using your telephone number, we would not be able to help you. Your number is the only way we can identify you.

You can try to delete your account by addressing  our support team using the email support@gemspace.com. If you delete it, the user of your number will have no access to your account information and message history. 

You can continue using Gem Space only after registration of a new account which is linked to your new phone number. In this case we cannot restore your data and message history from the previous account.

How can I turn off notifications from Gem Space?

You can turn off notifications from Gem Space by adjusting your account settings. So you will not receive notification from Gem Space of any kind.

You can also make any chat or bot “silent” and receive no notifications from it in the settings of certain chats or bots. 

In doing so, you might miss important or interesting information.

Note that we will have no responsibility for the consequences if you turn off notifications.

My content/bot/channel/sticker was blocked. What can I do to restore it?

We remove your content, block your bots, channels or stickers for a reason. 

The reason that it is illegal, inappropriate, infringing other users’ rights, or otherwise conflicts with documents governing Gem Space service.

If you disagree with the measures we took, please write us email supportservice@gem4me.com.

Can I create chats for more than one user?

Yes. You can use group chats, channels and communities to do so.

You can create group chats from users in your contact list and communicate with them simultaneously. 

You can also create channels. In order to join the public chat, users who are not on your contact list, can perform name search using the Search bar and add themselves to the conversation.

And you can collect channels and group chats into communities on the topic of your choice.

Using the privacy settings, you can allow any Gem Space user to join the chat.

Someone pretends to be me. What can I do?

Unfortunately, this happens. Please let us know about this via support@gemspace.com. We will see what we can do.