Confidential chats

Be relaxed and open in a secure Space
Discuss any topics and share secrets with your close ones in confidential chats
Express yoursef through secure communication
More than plain words
Choose any format for comfortable and effective communication — text, stickers, audio and video
Maintain communication with family with no limits
Travel and live a full life while remaining connected
to your close ones in chats
Inconvenient to listen to a voice message - trasncribe it!
Save time - transform voice messages to text using artificial intelligence technonologies
Mistakes allowed!
Edit messages at any time to convey your idea correctly
Manage communication
in your chats
Choose various settings
in chats with colleagues and friends
for comfortable communication
Create open
and private chats
Public chats unite
while private ones will gather a narrow
circle of those closest to you
"No" to language barrier
Enjoy multi-cultural communication with no limits - translate messages in chats to one
of 17 languages available
Structure any information directly in chats in a convenient format - links, files or documents

Easy and comfortable

Communicate with comfort and ease at any time and in any situation:
Use one tool for all your daily communication needs — with no restrictions on any device or platform.
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