A meeting place for common interests
Find new friends in communities of interest and create spaces with a convenient and understandable structure
Create a space where everything is on the shelves
Create perfect order in the application using content structuring functions within communities
Manage the privacy of your space
Set up an invitation-only entry into the community and exchange secrets within private channels and chats with a narrow circle of subscribers
Unified news feed within the community
Stay in the news feed with other subscribers and don’t miss updates within the community
The most important things are in sight thanks to the collections
Members will quickly and easily immerse themselves in the life of the community - important information is structured using Collections
Relevant content for every subscriber
Manage your subscriptions within the community - track only channels and chats that interest you
Make your community a source of income
Monetize your content and your expertise by adding a donation function and a built-in store
Unite like-minded people in any field in communities:
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